the vampires haunt, if you thought lunchtime was a long time off, consider eternity

Sat May 28 20:09:48 BST 2022
the quote of the second is... if you dont call the vice squad off, the corporation t shirt gets it


open source software

sport - fitness


till liquid fire consumes your soul

to reveal the truth all dreamers know
that some slight silver footstep
should fall yet gentle soft as silk
that we might walk yet safely
through the journey we call life
as through this world we make our way
with its troubles turmoils wars and strife

yes i know but then i like that sort of thing

the nasty stuff

all music, songs, poetry and fictional work on this site is released into the public domain but is subject to the terms and conditions of the
design science licence
in other words its written by me and you can do what you want to with it but must say where you got it from and who the creator/author is if left unmodified

i'm big on poetry

being a bit of a fan of the likes of graves kipling sassoon and so on and having grown up on edward lears finest, not to mention the books of rudyard kipling.which indirectly or otherwise prompted me to write this lot

he gave to misery his poems and gained from the internet all he bloody well needed a fiend.

my views on life from a poetical perspective

i've got a little black book i keep all me poems in
pink floyd, the wall
more poems spoken

well thats enough bloody poetry!

and onto the subject of music and no i wouldnt even attempt to begin comparing myself to dave gilmour and mates! here for my two pennorth ar some songs which i wrote in the last few years

on a different note here are some of my synth creations
which are so artificial even brentford nylons are appalled

somethings i did with garage band... gb01
and some gb things on my itouch in bed!

things done on the devils box... violin !
a few piano compositions written for a variety of reasons piano stuff

if u found things so far just too exciting and needed some cooling down here are somesoundscapes

and as a final word from the hobbies and interests department some short stories i wrote

on the ohter hand there is always this ...

any donations of monero to 42ob8VLUAEGb24a81HDgDB1E6LyJ2X3ee8C4bjKcu2YKKpoLwiwRdTDGV4So4FMsAKX6ya9wfemrqbaM6qwZHiNGQooPE8n would be very welcome!

i will also accept lear jets, gold bullion and spare stradivarius u got lying about