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some soundscapes that will loop forever!. if u want to stop them drop the connection

this is actually to do with a chris rea song. off the dancing with strangers album.

i got to know the 350m of this bit of dog leg well enough i could run up and down it!

i used to do this in tthe night about 10 ish. being canon balled by a blind person probably wouldnt go down a bundle!

the judas track!

some chilling out by the big lake on the common

queensmeere lake wombledon common

frankly i reckon a pre cbs strat would be a better buy. howver if u ar edaft enough to want to spend your money
on automotive noise production this is what u get, sitting underneath the a3...


"Why do you live on the bank of a river?" was one of these questions. "Because a poem is a revelation, and it is by the brink of running water that poetry is revealed to the mind.

-Irish Fairy Tales,James Stephens


the ripplingsoundof water running over rocks is succour to the soul!
its actualy a small part of the river waddle on wombledon common where it runs over soem rocks and stones.
its a wonderful place to chill out and spend some time.
i cant keep this bards balm a secret so it is here for any who feel the need of suchh sounds.

medative murmorings from a small river

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