some sample type apps for apple afficionados.

the ios apps have been tested on the simulator an itouch/iphone5c.

ios app - simple limerick generator that works off lookup tables should be simple enough to figure it out, if u want to extend or base on it. press the button and it generates another limerick


another ios app. ppress the start button and it counts the seconds when u press it again. the only novelty of this is that i included an http server so u can save the times to yr desktop afterwards


osx app to play the four tuning notes for a violin. press the g/d/a/e buttons to play the notes or mute to stop them. i hae tested it on mavericks (10.9) only, on a macbook.


some utilities and libraries for those interested in software development in c and asembler. all open source and under the gpl.

addmzhdr add mz .exe header to .bin file
assembler library this is still very much an alpha release

however has many examples of macro coding and how to do such things as setting up gdt, programming pc sound chip, do usleep using the pc timer whatever the latch is set to.

dos utils to use with the assembler library this is still very much an alpha release
c extension library
same idea as libiberty but more of it to save repeating code all over the place and simplify a lot of stuff such as sockets mainly examples of coding stuff for experienced programmers new to posix. the c extension library has been built on debian wheesy/bananian/raspian mac osx (mavericks) and on avanilla linux.

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