sport fitness



member of belgrave harriers
3k - 9:50
5k - 16:57

half marathon - 78:40
marathon - 3:35:??

race walking:
middlesex county vest
10m - 78:50
3rd southern rwa 10k

cycle racing
member kenton road club
top 50 junior bbar approx 1980, it was in my youth, i cant rember the year.
10m 23:47
25m 1.00.09 - those 9 seconds. aaaargh!
50m - 2:05:??

i also got a green belt in judo and shokotan karate.

being a bit of a believer in keeping fit, i work out daily and go horse riding once or twice a wee, which is brilliant fun, and many thanks to the hard work of the riding disabled association for this.