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cold as hate

i got sectioned due to the bigotries and prejudices of a group of local residents as a result of some of my weirder and more bizarre vocal monologues and other audio output, since i am a musician.

ithe first i head of it. i was asked to sign a waiver that prevented them from getting me tested by the pshrinks. then they gradually upped the pressure. i started getting phone calls from my doctor and demands to visit him. then he started turning up on my door step demanding that he be allowed to speak to me and enter my home.

then they started sending round the local cmt who i told to go away. eventually i got a loud banging on my door one morning and then a couple of police officers marche dinto my home. started knocking guitars over woth a few hudnred quid and the pshrink and his poodle basicaly said when i demanded to know what the hell they wer doign that they were taking me by force if necessary to the local psychiatric place.

the housing association falsely claimed i had been banging my head on the wall and other malicious and false statements by the manager of the housing association where i live. eg. they claimed there was exposed wiring in the flat. it has been seen by a qualified electrician who has no problems with it. the claimed i wouldnt allow people into my home or allow it to be cleaned. it is cleaned once a week by one of there staff. apparenlty some residents said they had heard banging noises froma drum machine, and that there were claims i had been playing music loudly at anti social hours. morover that some of the computers in my home were not upto date.

the pshrinks tried to claim that a small scratch on my nose from walking into an overhanging sign was proof of the housing associations false and malicious claims.

as a result of which i got stuck on harmful and damaging chemical substanceswhich were forcibly injected into my body alon with invasions of my time and privacy by the mental health services as the law in this country stands on the basis of the decision of an individual who is paidto find so called diseases which cannot be seen measured felt heard sensed touched or smeltand to which they are paid to provide remedies for along with one of his mates from down the pub and there pet poodle you can be locked in a place which is effectively a prison for 6 monts periods ona rolling basis till they see fit to stop during which and afterwards they can backed by law forcibly inject you with substances which are toxic harmful poisonous and cause strange weird and bizarre mental effects and problems.

the pshrinks demanded that some of there staff be allowed to visit my home and started saying that as a result of being sectioned i was required to put one of my pianos in storage and donate much of my cd collection to charity, since they clutterd up my home.

they tried to say that they were entitled by law to inject there chemicals into me i refused to let them. about this tiem i fell into the local duck pond. a hazard of being blind. some people told them. They tried to use this as an excuse to take me back to there place where they said they were allowd to forcibily inject there chemicals into my body. thankfully they didnt and let me go and i got out unscathed.

further to add insult to injury. according to the law in the united kingdom. i should be allowed to amend the notes held by the nhs, since according to the data protection act information held must be truthful. i am blind and asked for them to supply the information in e-text which they agreed to do. they supplied me several hundred pages of paper. whichi am unable to access. i asked them to supply the information again in e-text. they lied and tried to claim that i was partially sighted not blind. they claimed they didnt know this. however they did. i had been locked in there place for a month. they knew i couldnt access printed information and they had to read the lunch menu out. they knew i needed speech to access a computer and required a stick as a mobility aid.

they have despite the blatant illegality of this breach of the equality act. so far refused to supply the information in an accessible format.

whats the difference between a black widow and a psychiatrist

one is cold inhuman compassionless and liable to inject toxic chemicals into you

and the other one is an aracnid.

neil foster

yes well enoughof that...

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