the darker days of winter
grow colder by the year
through the warm bright days of sunshine
from that spring so fine and clear
we face uncertain futures
of foreboding or of fear
how the past was always better
than these my autumn years
you could walk on fiends of velvet
or feel the grass beneath your feet
the summers were eternal
mother natures bounty knows no defeat
with the safety net beneath you
it was safe as yet to fall
through those uncertain escapades
there was help that you could call
but now these days seem darker
though ther is no reason why
though you turn and look yet upward
for answers from the sky
if it seems the path we walk upon
is paved with promises not kept
then the air around us holds the lesson
we should not yet forget
for the company you keep
is the true nature of your wealth
for these days we are responsible
you make them yet yourself