theres the sound of wicked wants
whisper in my ear
of fear or hate or treachery
if it can be sold or bought
for price so dear
its a constant hard fought battle
against a world that drags you down
as you climb unto the heavens
where sancturary is found
against thosewho would purvey
lies with cost unclear
whilst the mouths of those whose egos
deny some simple truth
of how those words ring so much closer
to how you spent your youth
whilst fake commercialism
denies the truth that lies behind
the reasons you put forward
for abuses that deny the mind
so take it far away from me
i'll take no more of that
a way straightforward and yet hard fought
brings wisdom that cannot be bought
these simple words in grey and stone
might not reveal much warmth in tone
but luxuries with roten cores
and strings attached but then of course
it might not be much
but to me its fine
and what is more
this thing is mine