worshipping wogan with no need to know
anything but love of the status quo
with your trust in those who power hold
as the wind blows cold

you choose a healthy skeptisim of that power that you hate
in the clash of minds as you accept your fate

back stabbing cowards with no guts to fight
so say it to my face if you think its right
cant even say it on the phone
i might have known

so just go sink your own graf spe
ill think youll see its right my way
there are times to fight or die
about these thins you just cant lie

the witch and the monstor are trying to score
behind your back theyre crying for more
i belive you know the difference
so get thee hence


you struggle through these problems
to work out all your fear
as you feel the gossamer touch
of the passing years

with the propaganda police out on patrol
with bigotted minds as cold as stone
and I see yes I see
theres nothing thats real but what you feel
and all your mind can reveal