what is the need for suffering
for pain or fear or hate
in this world where ther is plenty
enough for all to take
ther are mountains made of meat
yet some do scarcely eat
and lakes are made of wine
yet some do not possesss, what they should rightly say is mine
power brokers put the pressure on
so needlessly thats odd
whilst this state does pay the wages
of thosewho would play god
then it demands free work from you
and all those that they do find
yet would not lend a hand
to even yet the blind
as they strugle on the ground
to find that wich they ask
what then lies behind
the beaureaucratic mask
from the blind it takes and steals
a truthnot yet revealed
to deny the right to franchise
or a jusstice that is wise
for none but the wealthy
thus ou force me to despise