vicarious pleasures aint my thing
you gotta learn to give if you want to begin
dont need no shit of a tv screen
the radios bad enough if you see what i mean
it might be crap but its from my own two hands
i prefer to have someone who understands
if you dont get the neeed to create
then matey to you i dont relate
if all you got is what you consume
then i'll take my leave go talk to the moon
wage slaves chained to live's without hope
a pointless existance like living on dope
ther aint no use to what you can feel
if it belongs elsewhre you know it aint real
thers a sharpness that comes when you do it yourself
and its a fuck sight better you'll find for your health
so music or sport its gotta be live
its what comes from the grass roots that helps you thrive
if all you can offer is whats beamed in your head
then i'll say no thanx i'd rather be dead
the hard work makes you sweat its true
but i'll think you'll find its better for you