# another pointlelss go at the tories and filthy stinking rich
# tossers who run the country and wuldnt know what work was if it hit them round the head
# seems daft to keep repeating the same old stuff but then the world isnt going to change
# so you have no choice
thers filthy rich vermin
crawling out from stones
it seems for ther sins
we all must atone
led by the incompetent
must we suffer for ther whims
in a world where there was justice
they would suffer for there sins
with fact thrown out for fiction
its the poor they do abuse
where the defenceless and the vulnerable
are just details they misuse
against the hand of the oppressor
we are powerless to resist
when freedom is destroyed
by a cold and brutal fist
where lies deceit dishonesty
are the tools of ther dark trade
with there pockets lined to bursting
its from the poor they stole
who must suffer for the pleasures
of politicians on the roll