theres nobs up ther in london town
workin gout ther dues
but natures love is free and gratis
which one do i choose
you can ride around on buses
then offices all day
with all that petty politics
just to get your pay
so whilst it might be wrong of me
my luck i would not push
there is no greater luxury
than whipping out your flute
somewhre near a bush
or strolling neath those leafy boughs
when summers gentle nonchalonce
whispers through the leaves
till later on in that same year
through winters silver rain
the feel of paths beneath your feet
is guaranteed to please
the sound of birdsong in the air
drives away all need to care
what need for wealth or riches
all i could ever want is there
this might be some fools paradise
yes one that has no cost
but the need to simply know it
that it might never be lost
is to find a freedom born anew
as rain brings life to simple moss
thus i do hide from chains and toil
these lives are thrown away
when i receive all i could ask for
each and every day