it sits there in the corner
waiting to deceive
of thoughts or just intelligence
is happy to relieve
so easy yet to use
switch it on and watch away
did you ever stop to wonder
why a license you must pay
that dream they sell is fakery
as from one who comes in red
it will give you nothing more
than your senses feeling dead
ive seen those things myself
and i rather got the hunch
that that simple easy answer
is the food from some free lunch
i think that you will find
that what you give is what you get
the truer pleasures you would find
are rather hard to get
i found some fellow thinkers in song and in guitar
not by drowning all my senses
in some deceitful guiding star
those battles lost an won
as you grind the work load out
might rather make you suffer
of this ther is no doubt
but the cost thats paid in sweat and tears
to get you too that end
i think that you will find
gets you a better friend