you can knock me down or knock me out
but you cant break the sprit ther eis no doubt
you can lie or cheat or event steal
but to that kindof law i'll never kneel

when its the state that does pick on the meek
it aint the victims who get beat

the price when you discriminate
is an emotion known as purest hate

you might think you get away with it
dont even think it twice
that when your views you can impose
you dont have to pay the price

that wehn your demands cant be refused
with people there to be misused

those easy points might come so cheap
when its just the disabled you must beat
you say its for the nations wealth
then pick on someone like yourself

so maybe you should do some sums
your answers costing more
the propaganda points come easy
but dont even up the score

when the hidden cost is suffering
of those who cant fight back
i suspect some day your conscience might yield another tack