they opened up the bible
and found a games machine
i asked them to expain
they dont know what you mean
with all this entertainment
to keep them so amused
they just dont have the time to try
it might get them confused
by anything worth having thats difficult to learn
what with all those dollar bills you feel you need to earn
to get that brand new xbox
from the internet to go
and when asked about the have nots
they claim that they dont know
got no time for science understanding maths for sure
when bullying and dogma get you all you need and more
you might stop to wonder where that technology comes from
i dont think youll find they made it with a song
so when someone stops to tell you
this is the way it works
you might find it hard to take
the truth it sometimes hurts
knowledge understanding intelligence you see
might well open up your eyss
to how its meant to be