thres walls around a garden
away from this real world
in the centre grows a single rose
red as the lambs blood that flowed
theres a peace within that place to find
no matter what your state of mind
whilst a summer sun warms the breeze
no fear of hate pain disease
before that flower knelt a man
clad in armour or the fight
who rose andlooked straight at me
thers a thing you must put right
from begingings in the midnight hour
of dreams and fantasy
that thing you do unto yourself
denies your dignity
that dark cavern underground
has a place within this world
but the secrets of the living
cannot have there flags unfurled
these things are given to you
a gift for best or worst
that you might solve the riddle
are you blessedor are you cursed
the task is one of fight and strife
its what you do that is your life
at that he turned and walked away
the summer sun, of that bright day
still filled that place, free from decay
as i took his place, before that single flower
that i might wait, upon the appointed hour
to consider what has always been
the nature of the watcher
who is as yet unseen