through these narrow minds of darkness
where insanity is the game
and reality a nom de plume
for lunacy and pain
where no single word thats spoken
is meaningful or true
unless it seems that the results
are suitable for you
that wasnt what she meant
ive heard it all before
the simple truth is hard to take
mechanical measures are much harder to ignore
its strange that they're then not used
you might wander why for sure
with accusations flying
and intentions not well meant
to obtain results by violence
speaks loudly of incompetence
but the thing that does amuse me
and from this theres no escape
is that for your lies stupidity and ignorance
in which you do rejoice
the thing you must face up to
is that i dont have a choice
so those social rules that blind you
without wit to question why
cant hide you from the vision
or the dream that you deny