like a finger on quick silver
distracted and bemused
when you cannot see the target
can you avoid getting confused
with every way a barricade
and grey walls all around
you might look unto the heavens
to hear some guiding sound
against an oppisition
that gives you not a chance
within this game they make the rules
as leaders in a dance
when the judge and jury
are joined under one roof
what hope is ther to find or get
the simple basic truth
you cannot challenge yet
these powers that do be
the divine right of kings
its seems just so to me
open not to question
or need to answer yet
upon these lives they tread so carelessly
and easyiily do forget
the course is now well charted
and the destination set
east or west is anywhere
have we decided yet
for when its not you pays the price
then you dont need to care