your better off well pissed
than with a mad psychiatrist
who will fill you with there potions
till you scream and make commotions
you might find it quite unreal
but they got things to make you feel
and did you know they've got a cure
in case you are a bore
this miracle wonder of some chemists wasted youth
is so darned clever it can make you tell the truth
more to the point and this is kinda hip
it can help you out in your relationship
so if this world gets you down
well then just dont frown
cos what they give leads to suicide
which is better for them than anything else you ever tried
with mental tricks to go
for those who just dont know
theyll lean on you to take
so that they may celebrate
any handy potion
if they get the notion
based on evidence so flakey
like a house built of puff pastry
that to call it even for short
some jumped up kangaroo court
would pull pilot from his grave
his reputation to save
as histories true holder of that namee