the psychiatrists sank in a boat lload of pills
for which the nhs gets to pay all the bills
with suicide tablets to aid the depressed
on there way to a permanet rest
the things dont work,so take some more
cos then they'll gaet paid good money for sure
with no one to question and no way to test
we'll all just loonies and aint heaven blessed
without proof or results for the pills they prescribe
and no one to care for the ones who have died
without a way to check cause and effect
its a nice little earner for those who collect
so heres the part where the going gets tough
what have thoughts in your mind to do with physical stuff
those thigs we perceive on the outer extreme
what the hell do they really all mean
and i think you know that where we connect
that things inside me you will often reject
so dont try to claim what you do to my mind
can be cured by a pill no matter how fine
the thing that goes between me and you
is the cause of the problem
and you know thats true