thers worms in my mind
so unkind
cruel in all they do
dont ask me god knows why i havent got a clue
is this part of the final solution a step in the master plan
by some mind far greater than mine for reasons i cant understand
thers no where to run no where to hide from the cruelty they bring inside
so where do they come from and wher do they go
why are they here does anyone know
i have my suspicions for who is to blame
the ones who caused me to suffer this pain
to endure the day with these in my mind
as they twist and pervert for reasons defined
by those with the power the gory the wealth
intent on destroyin yyour mental health
so yes i know you i know who you are
is this clever do so say so by far
well then who are you
are there wors iside
and just wht the hell do you decide
can you find somethign more
or less per se
give me a reason well then that i may
ask you ar e resaon a machine are you
mindless repeat these words from youo
theres nothing new no way to reasch you
nothing to get through no way to go