the idea of using music as a "treatment" for mental health conditions or what
is p generally referred to as psychosis/mental illness is not a new one and in
certail areas enlightened mental heal trusts do provide it as part of there
budle of therapies

the theory goes like this:
there are no known physical causes for many psychosis/depression and if these
do exist then they can be treated by treating the physical problem rather than
by tryuin to tackle the psychosis eg. brain tumors are well known to cause many
strange and unwanted mental health problems.

when the medical profession attempts to "treat" the symptoms of mental
health conditions known now as psychosis this involves giving drugs
to patients which are not known to have any direct relationship to the
symptoms they are perceiving and hence at best can only mask the real
and underlying problems.

more to the point the side effects of the drugs prescribed which are
prescribed on littl more than the whim of the psychiatrists have many
side effects which are rarely if ever mentioned which will themselves
be perceived as mental health problesm.

eg. some anti psychotics are known to cause sexual
disyfunction/impotence cause mens breasts to produce milk which are
quite obviusly to the average male goign to have a huge psychocolgical
effect. Since the side affects are rarely if ever metioned the
sufferer from the conditions is quite likely to mis perceive the side
effects as part of the problem itself.

anti dpressants are well known to make peope suicidal which it is
rather doubtful is an improvement on the problem itself.

further the known effects such as the placebo effect are totally
ignored in some trials whcih do not incode even control groups and use
approaches which any scientist woudl describe as laughable/amateurish
and downright ludicrous as a way of establishing the effectiveness of
these medications.

my point of view and perspective on the nature of psychosis is that
there are two main causes for the symptoms and that the reason for the
symptoms is nothing to do with any "illness" rather it is to do with
the nature of the relationship of an individual with the world and
society areound him/her. Combinbed with how they spend there lives and
there natural tendency to this particular sate of mind.

eg. if you perceive hostility from voices as is common amongst voice
hearers i have come across it is very likely from my personal
experience that this hostility is in actual fact a mirroring of the
fact that you and peopel around you are not getting on to put none to
fine a point on it.

this is why i suggest music and meditation as a way of tackling these
the true causes of mental "illness" as it is the nature of these
relationships which is the genuine problem and attemtping to mask the
effects of symptons by taking drugs/medication/alchohol etc will not
help you get a successful solution to you problems rather will lead to
an ever growing dependency on such substances running faster and fater
to stand still.

the true solutions to the problems are better found by working on the
nature of your relationship with your "illness" eg.
if you are in a state of hostility with your voices as a voice hearer
you might well find that doign sometihng like trying to tune a musical
insrument will prove very difficult becuase so to speak externalises
the nature of the inner conflict and your own spycholigical disharmony
in a manner in which you can tackle it you might also find writing art
useful for this
then by playing rather than listening to music you will be able to
work ou t the nature of cause and effect ie. what i'm doing causes
this. this is more easily seen through music since it is conceptually
easier to get the nature of cause and effect.

meditation is also a good way to work on this since by doing this you
are directly tackling the true nature of the problem and learing to
control your own state of mind and mood in naturla ways that wil not
have side effects or involve dependency on drugs/medication etc.

since it is in that nature of psychosis that there is no actula
psycholigical condition there is e effectively no way to damage
yourself in this way since the mind is effectvely the software by
which we function and hence cannot be damaged.

scaremongering by the mental health profession to suggest that peopel
who avoid medication can suffer fro mlong term damage seems nonsense
to me since the human mind is composed of energy and the inter
relationship of this energy with the world around you via a 6th sense
which is largely undocumentedbut is is commonly understood to exist
eg. sensing danger, fear the capacity of some indivdulas to have
empathic reltionships with others and the sensing of peopels mood
state of mind and so on. The mental health services tend to try and
ignore the importance of this extra sense since they seem to largely
believein using medication to mask the symptoms peopel perceive rather
that achiveing a true understanding of the problem and thus allowing
popele to fix there own problems.

music is a fundamentlaly good way of doig this since it allows you to
truely establish the true nature of this relationship between bother
your self and you environment wihch includes society thus relaising
the true nature of your problem in ways which allow the nature of
relationship to be tackled worked upon and resolved.