# having a bit of a go at st johns church
# on woodcock hill which tends to inflict some rather
# unpleasant gender stereotypes on the population of planet earth
# for no bloody reason other than they like doing that sort of thing
# dare to be different because he who dares wins!
thers a preacher in the pulpit
giving it his all
those empty words he offers
might leave him feeling tall
dedication and devotion
deny the truth you see
when what your selling up there
is rightly called hypocrasy
those words you inflict on me
call for obedience
of dogmas humilation
i say go get thee hence
when the blind man looks unto you
is this the way to be
to blindly follow orders
is not the way to be
this hurt and all this suffering
are truly missionary
this you i think dont know yourself
so prove it then to me