machinery is a virtue
to free your will and mind
against the evil that some mans hand
has surely yet defined
a hiding place or sanctury
where you can hide away
in here they cannot hurt you
well not yet anyway
advice might stop to tell you
that this is fools paradise
but this fool can close his ears
and doesnt think twice
romance holds no sway in here
this is not food for love
but straightforward simple practical
is a gift from up above
with lies they'll steal your life away
or names theyll claim and fake
but some men yet do miracles
theres things you cannot fake
for freedom and the right to write
are good friends yet to me
when the need for self expression
stem from deep within you see
this right it has been given
and for now belongs to me
so i'll take it and i'll use it
whatever the future might yet be
when the simple word is written
with all it does reveal
you've taken all i held
but for now this thing you cannot steal
this hiding place is sancturary
and last a while it may
theres a place that you cant get to
to hide the pain away