i strugle to the surface
but theres weights that drag me down
though you kicked off your thick sea boots
can safety yet be found
i fear this ship is sinking
on what has it run aground
some place as hard as granite stone
what help might yet be found
so you drain the depths of consciousness
for some erstwhile son of man
though you think that you can break me
i can defeat this thing
i'll beat you if it kills me
on this i yet do swear
whilst the enemy i gaze upon
refuses to declare
you so good at lying
please reveal your proof
your reality is treachery
your words do not ring true
that game you think your good at
might have a way of hurting you
those lies on lies
i do despise
that wicked thing you do
though you can stick that knife right in
and twist it till i scream
it might well turn right back on you
and make a vastly different dream