#i first heard robert frost famous poem in harrow mind mental health day care centre
# this was what I thought rober frost wasy saying , though having reread his poem I am now not so sure
# I might be doign robert frost an injustice
# but at the risk of being arrogant since robert frost work is a classic I thik my poem is the better one
twow paths lie before you
one fair and yet well trod
the other path is rougher
a harder way to plod
i took that one against advice
and forsook the easy way
my path has toil and trouble
and struggles fill the day
but theres a sharpness to the feeling
that says that your alive
and conflicts to be fought and won
in the battle to survive
these rewards arent paid ingold
for they are just and fair
but the wear marks on the tools you hold
the truth do better yet declare
its not someones opinion
when those obstacles you surmount
where all it is you gave or took
takes no heed of bank account
this path it is not straight or smooth
its rough and not well kept
but youll feel the better for it
with days you wont forget
though some might take the easy path
so quickly to the sky
i prefer the right to live
and better yet to try