# some reasons are better hidden
# to protect the innocent though the
# need it seems to me is there
motor mouths
pouring forth there platitudes
this thign i know it well
but when you look back on your lives
what tale is there to tell
of bitter battles, you have fought
to put right wrongs, this cant be bought
of empty days pronounced as work
where theres real need that you shirk
official bits of paper
your ego for to prop
but when the money disappears
well then you simply stop
thers a reason that thing should be done
you gotta do it right
its the thing defines who you are
morning noon day and night
if your heart and soul arent in it
then its better yet not done
thers a truth that you must testify
beneath the living sun
whats work devoid of virtue
this i dont want to know
like a con trick praised as charity
claiming body and yet soul