theres a balance to achieve between the giving and the got
creation comes from deep inside and cannot be forgot
you think its very nice when they provide, that you might hear
but you'll find that you must give for that
and the cost is rather dear
food for thought comes oh so easily
as your hooked to those machines
but its them who hold the keys
who'll tell you what it means
you bought some entertainment
and easy answers yet to go
then one day you turned and look
your pride and self respect
so where did they both just go
cos when your hooked to something
that someone else supplies
the whole thing is so easy
the time it simply flies
but when you buy there products
and there goods you do devour
the price that you do pay
is that its them who get the power
so when you stop to wonder
that you dont know what it means
you might wonder whos supplying
when your buying in your dreams