# a postumous poem to adolf hitler
# caused by some unpleasant and perturbing findings when the governments latest savaging of the
# benefits system has been likened to the nazi party assault on the disabled in the 1933 action t4 programme
this man in a wheelchair costs the country you say
then the cost of that war i'll ask if i may
was an order of magnitude greater i think
than the costs you incur for letting us live
the brain or the mind i think you'll find
of stephen hawking or some who are blind
are better by far than those you praised
but you never learned till the end of your days
those you dont want to die in war
well yes that is waht peace is for
you would murder a man who was genius
the subtle point i think you missed
which is not too well rehearsed
thats the reason we got the atom bomb first
old ma nature needs no helping hand
i'll think you'll find she understandes
those lives arent yours to take or use
its the greater good that then you lose
when with propaganda you discriminate
from a sickened mind full of hate
though this world has not yet had its fill
of donating power to the mentally il
its not you'll find a winning hit
when you think along the lines of the average cesspit