# there are difficult questions you need to ask both of yourself and others from time to time.
those things you do unto yourself
dont damage just the nations wealth
who is it does decide who will and then who wont
abuse of these facilities
for purposes not meant
whos the keeper of the temple
that was heaven sent
for the purposes of pleasure who am i to stay your hand
but when you've crossed that line theres no returning understand
it isnt just a question of what you cannot see
the vision you are blind to is the unknown mystery
overloading of the senses might gratify your needs
but speed can be a killer when you do spill your seeds
the bridge that you have burned crossed your own rubicon
and from the prison you thus entered you cannot yet abscond
my path might lead to suffering thers noi avoiding it
and you might wish to claim that i am hypocrit
but you reach an understanding of the schism thats inside
so who is it you turn to when your toys are yet denied
i can stand a long while on my own two feet
independence of the spirit self respect are hard to beat
whose the victim whose the culprit when this crime cant be undone
now your self is mutilated was this thig done for fun?