vampires need

ther is a legend that the famous violin maker
antonio stradivarius had a pupil by the name of ferdinando gagalioni.
stradivarious taught him every thing he knew about how to make the
instruments in the way he did. the legend goes that gagalionis
aptitude for the task was so imense that he started to be able to make
instruments that were an equal to the master himself.the legend goes
that a vampire heard one of these instruments being played and was so
taken with the sound of the instrument that he wanted it more than the
very essence of his own self being and the nature of eternity that is
the life of the vampire.he went to stradivarius and asked for the
instrument to be able to play on it. stradivarius gave him the
instrument and left to allow him to try it out.unknown to either of
them. the young gaglioni was sitting in the corner of the room working
on another instrument. the vampire played the instrument for a
short while then noticed the young gagalioni sitting in the corner of
the room.he could sense and smell the blood of the young gagalionis
human flesh and blood and falling prey to his own need fell upon the
unsuspecting young man bit deep into the neck of the yong gagalioni
tasting the life blood in his jugular and turning him into another
vampire.the darkness seized gaglioni as he became vampire and he was
consumed by an imense hatred of his own being and the thing into which
he was being turned.screaming in rage and pain he leapt from an open
window where he fell and was impaled upon a wooden stake protuding
from the fencing around the building. thus extinguishing his
consiousness in a way that was final and irrevocable.but the vampires
bite into his jugular had been messy and a small drop of his blood was
left deposited in the inside of the instrument where it fell through
oneof the 'f' is said that every 7th player of the instrument
will live for all eternityand remain forever young.but there is a
price to pay for it. since the player must in so doing becoem vampire.