the night was cold and dark and he trudged wearlily down the lane, t turned
his collar up against the cold night wind.this stretch of road was narrow and
ther was no footpathand the streetlights were sparsely spaced. ther was no
noise but the gentle rustle of wind through the trees that were hidden behind
the walls on either side of the lane and the silent soft gentle roar of
traffic on the dual carrigeway in the distance.then ther was a change in the
pattern. something was comming behind him and it was moving fast. something
prickled on his neck and for no reason a shiver ran down his spine. there was
no footpath and somehow he knew with horror that it wasnt going to stop.
quickly he looked around ther was no way out on either sie were brick walls,
then a few yards up the road he saw a box up against the left hand wall.
running the few yards he got to the box and jumping onto it his fingers could
just reach the top of the wall. it was years since he'd done any chin ups and
he wasnt in the best of condition but he knew that this was a situation
without choice. he leapt up and as he did so the box flicked backwards into
the road. his fingers closed round the top of the wall and he could just hold
on. the car was approaching fast and there were the headlights. with a sick
feeling in his stomach he knew that it was going for him and ther was no easy
way out. he pulled like he had never pulled before and then just as he was
pulling himself up he felt the bricks at the top of the wall give. the mortar
wasnt firm and it was comming apart in his hands. slipping back he knew ther
was nothing he could do and the lights of the car caught him. as he ffell he
looked back and saw the face of the driver framed dark against the dark
interior of the vehicle, whatever that face meant it was hiding murder. he
fell back as the car came upon him and felt the dull thick thud as it smashed
into his body doing top wack. the lights closed around him and he felt himself
sinking into a space from which ther was no mortal escape.