ther is a legend that the famous violin maker antonio stradivarius had a
pupil by the name of ferdinando gagalioni. stradivarious taught him every
thing he knew about how to make the instruments in the way he did. the legend
goes that gagalionis aptitude for the task was so imense that he started to be
able to make instruments that were an equal to the master himself.the legend
goes that a vampire heard one of these instruments being played and was so
taken with the sound of the instrument that he wanted it more than life itself.
something in the nature of that sound made him forget for a while the aching
insatiable need to feed on the flesh and blood of the innocent.there was in it
something that touched his soul in a way that could sanctify that which was
forever cursed and damned.and for some short while released him from the
aching torment that was his constant need to feed.he camer to stradivarius and
asked for the instru;ment to be able to play on it. antonio stradivarius
explained that the instrument was made by one of his pupils and introduced
him to the young ferdinando gagalioni and left them to discuss the instrument.
gagalioni gave the instruement to the vampire and left him to play onit fora
while. however unknown to anyof them a young woman was working in the room,
doing some routine work that stradivarius needed. the vampire was so taken
with the sound of the instrument that for a long while he did not see her.
then he stopped after he had played the instrument through its full range of
subtltiies of expression. then he noticed the woman, who had stopped working
to listen to the vampires playing, which had lured her into its spell. the
vampire sensed the innocent blood of the young woman and fell upon her
exposed neck. puncturing her jugular to rob her of her vital life blood. at
this moment gagalioni who had ralised that the music had stopped had re-
entered the room and saw the corpse of the young woman crumpled over the
surface on which the now silent instrument lay. taking a silver crucifix
from the wall he threw it at the vampire who fled out of the window. taking
his bat form to fly off. never to be seen again. gagalioni realised what had
happened and that the young womans life had been taken because of the sound of
the instrument he had made, and torn by his guilt he took a knife form the
surface of the table and stabbed himself in the heart. ther was a small drop
of blood that had escaped from the womans neck that had fallen into the f hole
and as gagalioni fell forward par tof his own blood went also through the
open f hole to make a small discolouration in the interior of the instrument.
stradivarious realised that he too had apart to play in this and took no
more students and the nature of his art died with him some time after this.
the secret of his sound being buried with him forever. however before he died
he named the instrument the queen of the damned and it is said that whenever
it is played the aparition of a young woman dresse din white is seen always
sitting nearby listening to the soundof the instrument and that any who hear
its sound who are not pure of heart and thought and deed will perish in the
fires of hell.which is the legend of this instrument.