ther is a standard fix all solution for all problems on planet earth.

newbie> i have tried getting somboids device the ibug to work and it come sout with some cryptic msg i dont understand.

guru> install the latest versionof everything you can find. if this doesnt work take it off and re-install it.then download all the patches for everything available in the latest newest versions. it is important to use a gooey for this since they ar easier to use and hence less trouble some.ther is also more code in them and more chance that any meaningful or helpful error messages will be lost behind the fact that the gooey software is doing exactly the same as the stuff underneath but with a different interface.if this doesnt work and it probably wont. switch it off an on again and if this realy doesnt work then contact the mental health who will no doubt be more than happy to supply you with medicaition to help you in terms of dealing with your is important to avoid thinking throughout this process as this could potentially damage the profit centred motivation of the MORONIC STUPIDITY CORPSE, thus preventing further software upgrade releases. also try switching it off an don again, a few more times. if none of the above work then discuss the idea of a raise with your employer to obtain funds tobuy the newest latest version of the os which will probably have changed some of the existing bugs into new ones and have a different interface. this process should take some time to do and by the time you have been at it long enough you will probably have forgotten why you wanted to get the device working. morover it is no longer supported by the newest version of the os so you would need to buy a new one. this will require further expenditure, for which i would suggest approaching your bank manager.note that the upgrade process will necessarily involve using a deal mor disc space and require a more powerfull processor. this is someting you would need to take into accountso i would suggest you also consider upgrading both the processor, ram and disc drives as part of the problem resolution process.this should be enough to keep you going for the time being, and demonstratesclearly that a logical robust methodical approach to problem solving is a good way of doing things,and avoids the need for pointless frivolities like thought.

if this fails to fix your problem further help and assistance can be obtained by using the spondoolixstuff money management system that allows you to quickly and easily donate funds to others.
use the vampyric nudists outfitting the sole recipient.